​I suggested that, with her 40+ some-odd years of experience and my ….um …. creative flair…we were missing our calling. We could totally do this. We could drive a Cupcake Food Truck. Yeah...that would be awesome.

The idea sprouted. Drunk texting at 10pm on a Sunday night while watching Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. Heck of a way to start a business...but I digress..

As for the name....well....I've been called "Sweet Cheeks" on and off for most of my adult life (for reasons I can't disclose), and after a massive amount of select and reject sessions, we decided my nickname was a fit. Yeah, guys might see the name and think we offer pole dancing lessons but if that’s what it takes to get a guy to order a cupcake, so be it.
We can always add a fondant pole or something.

And here we are today. We have a great name. A menu of fantasmic cupcakes that has expanded to include cakes, cookies, muffins, cake pops and anything else you can think of. And we're grateful to everyone who helped put us here. Happy eating! 


Once upon a time...

We make Yummy Cakes!

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Hi There! Welcome to our website. If you like cupcakes then you've come to the right place. We LOVE to bake and we LOVE cupcakes....and we'd like to bake some for you!

We are a Mother-Daughter team based out of Joliet, Illinois; we are an online, custom bakery (translate - NO STOREFRONT), and decided to start baking cupcakes together....it's a bit of a long story. We think it's a fun story, but you decide. If you'd like to know where this all started....and maybe why our store name sounds like we sell adult novelty items...keep reading.

My name is Betsy Barnett...I love the '80s, I've been a swing dancer for 16 years and love to dance to all kinds of music (yes, you can swing to 80's music), I have leopard-print roller skates and I'll still watch Valley Girl any time it airs. 
My mom, Cam Barnett, has been a baker since before I was born. And her mom before that. She can make things out of flour and sugar I've never even thought of. She's like....a female MacGyver with baking utensils. Give her an egg, a teaspoon of vanilla and a whisk and she can build a hammock that you can swing in AND eat. She's THAT good.

It was August of 2011, and I was in bed in my blue flannel leopard print jammies… sequestered in the master bedroom while nursing a raging case of Strep. After having been subjected to bad weekend tv shows for two days straight I finally stumbled upon a Food Channel marathon of Cupcake Wars Sunday afternoon. I was intrigued. I fixed myself a nice hot toddy (with an extra shot of whiskey, for good measure) and watched a few episodes. Around the sixth episode I was feeling no pain and getting annoyed. My mom was a way better baker than any these people. And the decorations? Come on. Get with the program people…you’re making cupcakes for the Rose Bowl, why the heck are you decorating them to look like flower pots? Morons. I started drunk-texting mom to notify her of this atrocity.