Ordering & Delivery


*Prices do not include tax

Mini Sweet Cheeks (2 bites) - $46 / 4 dozen (48). Two flavors per 48. 
More than two orders of 48, one flavor per 48.
Mini Sweet Cheeks do not have filling.
Regular Sweet Cheeks (Filled) - $36 / dozen. Regular Sweet Cheeks (No filling) - $31/dozen. 
One flavor per dozen, maximum of three flavors per order. 
Custom flavors or fondant decorations are available at an additional cost. 
Booze can be added to the frosting/filling/cake for an additional $5 per dozen.
Cupcake flavors available....use your imagination. We are a custom bakery so can do just about anything. You're not limited to a specific menu of flavors. Same goes for frostings and fillings. True, we have our limits, but we'll tell you if you've reached it. Don't be shy....just ask.

Cupcake Tastings - We understand you'd like to make sure our product is tasty before you go and order 300 cupcakes and possibly get stuck with a lot of unhappy guests; we get it. We offer tastings, however...they are at the mercy of previous orders and are limited to six cupcakes in two different flavors. Once you start creeping up on wanting 12 cupcakes then we'll have to ask that you actually place an order. We are currently an online-based bakery and unable to sell extra product; all orders are custom baked so please try to understand that we'd like for you to be happy with what you order but we also need to cover our Sweet Cheeks, if you catch our drift. Therefore, we charge a nominal fee of $10 for tastings.

Other Bakery 
Other Bakery - You are not confined to only ordering cupcakes from us...we also offer other tasty treats such as cakes, brownies, bars, cookies, cake pops, etc...sky's the limit. Pricing as follows:

First of all: we do not cover cakes in fondant. We decorate using frosting, smaller fondant decorations as accents, sprinkles, edible glitter, etc. As much as we'd like to be able to do cake artistry and follow in the footsteps of Chef Duff, it's just not our style. We make yummy cakes, and prefer not to cover them in glorified sugar Play-Dough. Fondant decorations are additional cost; please inquire. We have many different flavors of cake, filling and frost available...favorites include red velvet, dark chocolate, vanilla, and birthday cake (complete with rainbow sprinkles baked inside), but we can do ANY FLAVOR you'd like...just ask. Any cupcake flavor combinations can also be made into a cake. Astound your friends and family! There ARE cake flavors out there other than chocolate and vanilla. Not that there's anything wrong with chocolate or vanilla, if that's what you want...our chocolate and vanilla cakes are scrumdidillyumptious. We offer both cream cheese and buttercream frostings, and either can also be made in most any flavor. We have been known to make whipped cream-type frostings; however, it is nowhere near as stable as the first two....so if it's 90 degrees outside and you're having the party in a tent in the backyard....we suggest the former if you'd prefer your cake not look like the Wicked Witch did after getting hit with a bucket of water. We can fill cake layers will just about anything as well. More frosting, fruit fillings, custard or mousse-type fillings, etc.
*Regular frosting fillings are included with the price, f
ruit fillings, custard, mousse or anything else will be additional and cost depends on what it is, so please inquire.
**Booze can be added to the frosting/filling/cake for an additional cost, please inquire.

​Cake sizes available (we can do up to two tiers): six, eight, nine, ten and twelve-inch, two-layer rounds. We can also do a two-layer 13x9.  
A six-inch round will serve twelve: $26
An eight-inch round will serve twenty: $36
A nine-inch round will serve thirty: $46
A ten-inch round will serve forty: $61
A twelve-inch round will serve fifty: $81.50
A two-layer 13x9 will serve fifty: $76.50

Cookies (chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, sugar, or any flavor of shortbread):
$1.00 per 3-inch cookie, minimum order of a dozen. Cookie party trays, $46/50 3-inch cookies, mixed variety. 
Individually-wrapped cookies with special decorations or frosting; $2.00/each + tax, minimum order of a dozen. 
Toffee bars, lemon bars, brownies
$.75/each + tax, minimum order of a dozen (of the same kind) party tray of 50, mixed variety - $36. 
Individually-wrapped with special decorations or frosting; $2.00/each + tax, minimum order of a dozen. 

Cake pops:
​$2.50/each + tax, minimum order of a dozen. They will be individually bagged and tied with a bow.
Cake pop bouquets of a dozen, $40/per bouquet and includes pops arranged in a custom decorated stand.  

There's probably a few things we've missed out on mentioning here (we can also do cookie sandwiches, dipped oreos, dipped pretzel sticks, etc.), so if there's a treat you'd like to find out about, please inquire for pricing and availability. We can bake *almost* anything...within reason.

Two week's notice preferred for large orders. We fill all orders custom; not having a storefront unfortunately means we don't have dozens of cupcakes awaiting your arrival. Occasionally we can handle a last-minute frantic call but not often so...try to give us a little wiggle room; however, usually our turnaround is a couple days for regular type orders. Rush Orders (less than two weeks notice, IF we are not otherwise occupied with previous orders): As much as we love to bake, we don’t love to Rush Bake. Rush Baking can cause mistakes, lower quality, unhappy cupcakes in general and that’s a major no-no in our book; if we can’t make your order to the standards we hold for ourselves it’s just not going to happen. Ever see that episode of Perfect Strangers in the 80’s when Bronson Pinchot was baking? And he had a happy song he sang to the bakery each time? And then his buddy wanted to mass-produce them so he was trying to sing the song really fast and they all exploded? Think about that. However – we understand things happen and there ARE cupcake emergencies…don’t panic, the Cupcake MacGuyver can assist. 

Payment Options - We accept cash or personal check and some online payment options such as PayPal or bank payments. Please inquire. If your check bounces, you will be required to pay the fee WE get hit with as well, and then we'll probably never accept a check from you again so...beware. Payment is required upon delivery / pick up. For larger orders (inquire) a 50% deposit will be required to hold the order with the remaining 50% due upon delivery / pick up.

Cancellations: We really don't like it when people cancel on us...then again, who does? However, we do understand things come up, parties get cancelled (hopefully not weddings), or maybe you found a better deal elsewhere, though I doubt they're as yummy. We require 72 hours notice for cancellations; anything less than that, payment in full will be required. Generally speaking, a week before we even *think* about baking your cupcakes, your custom order has already been mulled on, liners purchased, possibly fondant decorations have been made (because they take a few days to dry), etc. so if you bail one or two days before, a lot of work has been lost. So please, if you must bail, bail early. 

Delivery: Yes, we deliver. While we cannot offer a 30-minutes-or-it's-free deal, we will get it there. Delivery is .57.5¢ / mile, or you can pick up for free. No shipping available at this time, we haven’t figured out how to ship a cupcake without ruining the frosting and the thought of our wonderful frostings and decorations getting destroyed gives us nightmares. However, if you'd like to pay us to fly out to Las Vegas or California and hand-deliver your order, we would be more than happy to do so.

​Questions? Contact us!